David is a seasoned CEO with a flair for Marketing and General Management. His approach to providing HR advisory services is informed by his CEO perspective of business dynamics and people behaviour.

DAVID WHITE, Director of THINK and CEO of DRG Outsourcing, has long been inspired by the dynamic nature of working with people.

Mr. White has always had an interest in helping aspiring leaders to achieve results through people as the foundation for a purposeful and productive work environment. With his experience from total human resources solutions, he constitutes a cornerstone at THINK by ensuring compliance with employment legislation and people best practices.

White is inspired by working with authentic business leaders, who create energy and commitment within their teams. He says, “In my view the true value of any organisation is its sustainability, and at the heart of sustainability is good people relationships. The best companies, the companies that thrive in all business climates, are those with engaged staff and work teams. These companies have people working together, governed by shared values, understanding and identifying with the business model, striving for common goals and outcomes. Seeing employees within the business treat the company as if they were the owners – and holding themselves accountable for results is the reward.”

When not working, White engages in Wildlife and nature conservation. He and his wife love being in the wilderness and meeting like-minded people in far-out places, who are also passionate about preserving nature and wilderness areas. Feeling like one with nature provides White the opportunity to reflect and maintain balance in his life.