Staff and collaborators at THINK are excited to be carrying forward ground-breaking trials as well as pioneering translational research and supporting basic science that will improve the diagnosis and treatment for TB and HIV patients locally and globally. Our aim is to reduce TB treatment to 2/3 months and change millions of lives by providing a single cure for all strains of TB in the next 10 years.

New treatments under evaluation at THINK include the first new TB drugs to be developed since the 1950s. These have the possibility of shortening treatment for both drug sensitive and drug resistant TB. Moreover, new treatment regimens developed by the Global TB Alliance aim to make it easier for patients to access and comply with as they are compatible with ARVs, do not require cold storage, and do not include injections.

Use of the Bangladesh Regimen (a shorter treatment for MDR-TB using current medications) is supported by the WHO if used under research conditions; this is one of several regimens that THINK is currently involved in researching.

In addition to cutting edge research, the collaboration between THINK and the Department of Health improves delivery of standard care and gives the South African health sector first-hand experience with new tools and innovations in the sphere of Health Care.

The World Health Organisation highlights the need for ongoing research

The world health organisation declared TB a global emergency in 1993 and recognizes that research is urgently needed to find new treatment regimens and diagnostic approaches to improve the care of patients with TB. These WHO publications provide more information with regards to current research and its importance.