Nurse Nokuphila Shoba

Hi my name is and Iā€™m a RESEARCH NURSE…..šŸ’• Working on cures and vaccines is my specialty. The most stressful part during COVID-19 is being in a clinic and not aware of patients covid status. We are coming in contact with patients every day who may have it and not knowing then going home to our families and potentially spreading it.

Also working in a clinical trial unit were regular safety assessments planned at scheduled visits were missed and adaption of study protocol were disrupted due to implications from additional measures such as lock down and quarantine were we would have to go to participants for Sputum collection and delivering of medication without full assessment of a patient as consultation were done telephonic.

We should be grateful as Nurse to experience this pandemic as it has taught nursing is not a “career but a Calling” because patient in your care must be able to trust you and being up to date with best practices.