New Clinical Trials Unit in Pietermaritzburg

We are delighted to have opened our newest clinical trials unit in Pietermaritzburg, the provincial capital of KwaZulu-Natal. We will be enrolling patients in MDR TB research trials in October 2014.

The site is currently engaging with the local community and surrounding clinics, not only to improve knowledge and awareness about the research we are undertaking, but also to show the need for research in general; how it benefits patients individually and improves health care. We are actively involved in training of Department of Heath staff about drug resistant TB, covering the current treatment options available in South Africa, raising awareness about the prevalence and scale of the disease and spreading the word that there is hope for the future.

We have a dedicated community outreach team of nurses and fieldworkers who are well known in the local community and have excellent relationships with our referral clinics. They are trusted community members who provide a valuable link between our research programs and the local community, ensuring that THINK has a solid foundation within the community to continue research and improve healthcare both locally and globally for many years to come.