Nurse Lungile Phakathi

My name is Lungile Phakathi, currently the only nurse working on a peadiatric trial at THINK. I work for the Janssen study which has been going on for some time . I have been with THINK for quite a long time and I have worked in every clinical research site at THINK.

I have never limited myself when it comes to my work so I can say I am an all rounder. I am a recruiter a clinical nurse a counselor and even an administrator if I have to. Working with children have been a highlight of my time at THINK because of the love they have, I must admit I had my doubts when I was first told I am going to work on a peadiatric trial but today I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This Covid pandemic hit us very hard as a peadiatric site in terms of recruitment since TB has taken a back seat in the health sector and Covid has been prioritised . The fear of the mothers to take their little ones to the clinic because of Covid has also been a down fall for us when it comes to recruitment.

We as a peadiatric site have had the most challenge in supporting our children as their mothers could not come to visit them, we had to give extra love and care to our in patients as well as keep on reassuring the parents that their children are in safe hands and they should not worry . This means we had to go an extra mile by making sure that the child keeps in regular communication with his parents even if you have to use your own resources. Each and every time you walk in the ward you could just see the excitement in their faces to see a familiar face.

Nursing is caring, Nursing is love and I hope to always demonstrate that through my patients