From Dr Kristina Wallengren

In addition to the central role that nurses play in our health services and at THINK, I would like to recognise the immense burden on each one as a human being.

As part of the caring profession and in the devotion to serve another, we also recognise our own needs: our own children, spouses, families and friends at risk and in need of care. Specifically, during lockdown being torn by the duties of home-schooling children and worrying about elderly parents – and the burden of executing our responsibilities to our patients. Never knowing what day or what minute our boundaries will be tested or our energies depleted in the balancing act between all those we need to care for.

Will there be enough for ourselves when the day comes?

And who will care for us?

This testimony in recognition of this plight – and to say: I realize the struggle and I care about you.

Thank you!