From Dr Jocelyn Jansen Van Vuuren

To all the nurses I have had the pleasure to work with, and especially to the nurses I’ve worked with lately at THINK, I think your work does go mostly under appreciated.

Today we should celebrate all of you, and more importantly you should celebrate yourselves and take pride in the work that you do. I’ve come across nurses in wards, nurses in emergency centres, nurses in primary health care clinics, nurses at pharmacies and now nurses in clinical trials. I’ve learnt just as much from you as I have from my mentors and I’ve relied on you just as much as any other colleague for a second opinion.

Thank you to the THINK nurses for staying dedicated to the patients before, during and after the pandemic, tracking and tracing various members of different communities to take their sputum/bloods/history and  giving their treatment ensuring their recovery did not become compromised. You are directly responsible for their good outcomes! May it always be enough for you even if no one says thank you.