From Dr Susan Ford

To all our incredible nurses at the HCTU we want to honour and celebrate you and say a Huge Thank You for all you are and all you do! You guys are amazing and an integral part of the team, we are so so grateful for you all. You play a vital role in seeing the patients and make a massive difference in helping us with the work load. Not only are you highly skilled and competent with your tasks, but you are compassionate and caring with the patients which is so appreciated by them. You go the extra mile and are often taking calls late at night and on the weekend and will drive all over the countryside to track down that one patient. We have all learnt so much from you, you have a wealth of experience and expertise and ground knowledge of the patients, the areas, the social dynamics, all the things that as Drs we never learnt in med school. We love the joy you carry with you wherever you go, the smiles as you greet everyone and the laughter we often hear coming from your room at the end of the day. You make working at the Think team not only possible and of an excellent standard but also really enjoyable. We love you guys and we thank you each and every one, you are amazing!