From Dr Shrivani Padayachee

To the Phenomenal nurses at THINK, especially the  HCTU.

Thank you for being you, for all that you do and for all that you bring to the THINK team.

We are so grateful for each of you and appreciate you so much!

You are often the 1st face a patient sees when they arrive at our site and you become their advocate  from day one.

Your kindness, patience and love for our patients and your profession shine through in the way you carry out your work.

You have become my eyes and ears from the day that I began at THINK and I have loved every day since.

You all motivate me to be a better clinician and I have learnt so much from you in my time here. Thank you for guiding me as you have all done.

I appreciate and recognise you going the extra mile for our patients and for our team.

The load you carry is never easy but may you all continue the hard work and dedication with laughter rolling and like you have done thus far.